Thursday, December 18, 2008

Blast-Through Barn with GeoAir Expansion Track

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Product Features

* Keep the farmer on the lookout—he never knows what'll be coming through those barn doors
* Play up a storm with this barnstormer set—break through the doors with a GeoTrax vehicle or add a GeoAir plane and barnstorm from the air
* Includes a barn with swinging doors, a drop-through hay bale door, an articulated farmer figure and a durable GeoAir track
* Plane and vehicle sold separately

Blast-Through Barn with GeoAir Expansion Track
The new GeoAir segment takes performance and imagination to all new heights. The deluxe air track expansion packs include a full loop of flexible air track. Connect the air track to another geoair site and travel by plane or use the ground track connections to expand out to the rail and road world. The barnstormer includes a barn with swinging break through doors, drop-through hay bale door, push-along pick-up truck, articulated farmer figure, geoair track and a ground cross track. The farmer figure can sit and ride inside the truck. Use one of the new geoair RC planes to fly on the loop of track and blast through the barn doors. Everything in geotrax works together, so kids can create an even bigger world.